Education & Engagement

Success for Students with Special Needs


We help families and lay advocates obtain appropriate special education programs and services 

Fair Discipline


We work to mitigate against discipline practices that cause students to miss learning time, and can push students out of school.

Community Collaboration & Education


We educate  families, students, lay advocates, representatives and the juvenile justice community through Nebraska-specific curricula and with an emphasis on problem solving.

Special Education


We help students and families:

  • Obtain appropriate education and educational placement
  • Effectively create IEPs and 504 plans
  • Assure in-class aides and accommodations
  • Obtain appropriate speech, occupational, physical therapy, and other special services 
  • Challenge school disciplinary actions impacted by your child's disability 
  • Address problems with bullies inside and outside the classroom

We also assist  in disagreements concerning your school district’s evaluation and classification of your child. We help you obtain an independent evaluation to determine what special services your child might need. 

Student Discipline


If you or your student have been charged with a violation of the student code of conduct and are facing long-term suspension or expulsion:

  • You lose valuable rights and opportunities if you delay responding appropriately.
  • Seeking immediate assistance about your rights from a lawyer is not "avoiding responsibility."  You are not doing anything wrong by asserting your legal rights.
  • We work with you so that you fully understand the disciplinary process, how to communicate with the district, how to defend against a conduct complaint, and how to achieve the best possible results.

Community Collaboration


Working with those in the disability community, the health community, the juvenile justice community, and the education community, we provide workshops, consulting, and coordinate efforts to close communication gaps.