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Our Mission

Through advocacy, representation and community collaboration, Education Rights Counsel closes the access-to-justice gap and decreases the school-to-prison pipeline for Nebraska’s under-resourced PK-12 public school children and families.

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Our Programs

Individual Advocacy & Representation

individual representation

Education Rights Counsel provides advocacy and legal representation in limited engagements for low-income public school families needing help with special education, due process, and student discipline.

Research & Support

research and advocacy

Education Rights Counsel obtains data, and informs the public, elected officials, and other community organizations about the legal access-to-justice gap suffered by Nebraska public school students, and the impact this gap has on all our communities.

Education for Families

education for families

Education Rights Counsel provides interactive programming to teach special education, due process and student discipline rights in schools, and provides community education to collaborators to effectively advocate for children and families in the legal and educational context.

Community Collaboration

community collaboration

Education Rights Counsel works with higher education, existing social services, public schools and the judiciary to create and connect families to appropriate supports for special education and legal due process needs.

Consulting Services

consulting services

Education Rights Counsel offers legal support services and education to public & private entities, and non-counsel advocates who are representing or working with low-income families involved in special education, due process and student discipline procedures in Nebraska's public schools.

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Education Rights Counsel

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